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in 1993, G.Suresh Kumar started a new production house called Revathy Kalaamandhir. Following are the movies produced under the banner of Revathy Kalaamandhir.Butterflies,Kaashmeeram, Thakshashila, AaraamThampuraan,Pilots,CoverStory, Achchaneyaanenikkishtam, Kuberan, Shivam, Kadha, Vettom, Mahaasamudram, Seetha Kalyaanam, Pachchamaraththanalil etc.

As a production house, Revathi Kalaamandir always had an abiding faith and concern on popular traits and expectations of the average malayali filmgoer. In sync with the pulse of such needs, wants and demands, the team that Suresh painstakingly built over three decades has responded magnificiently.

Mr. G.Suresh Kumar started his career in the film industry in 1978 as assistant director in the Malayalam movie ‘Thiranottam’. For the discerning, this was the movie in which V.Mohan Lal acted first. After completing B.Com, he turned his attention to the realm of film production, through a debut venture of a Tamil movie titled ‘Karayae Thodaathae Allaykal,’ under the banner of ‘Bhanumathy Films’ in the year 1980. Mr.Vijayan (Tamil star) and Menaka was assigned the main role in this film. The script was by Priyadarsan, who doubled up as Production Controller. Mr.Asok Kumar was to be the director. Suresh’s uncle(Father’s brother)late M. Ramachandra Menon gave financial support for this movie. The project however, had to be abandoned. However, the initial venture gave enough fillip for Suresh to foray in to the fascinating world of film production. Suresh Kumar joined hands with Sanal Kumar to produce films under a new banner, ‘Sooryodaya Creations’ in the year 1981. Coolie, Poochchakkoru Mookkuththi , Odaruthammaavaa Aalariyaam, Ayalvaasi Oru Daridravaasi, Akkare Ninnoru Maaran, Rakkuyilin Ragasadassil, Charithram, and Vishnulokam, are the films produced under this banner.
Many who went on to become celebrities in their own right, were introduced into the film world by Suresh Kumar.Prominent among them are Priyadarsan, M.G.Sreekumar, G.Venugopal, Arunthathi, Jagadeesh, Dileep, Madhupal, Krishnakumar, Srinivasan. The first movie censored by the Trivandrum CensorBoard was’PoochchakkoruMookkuththi’produced by Suresh Kumar.This was the first movie that Priyadarsan directed.

Of late, the alchemist in Suresh has set the clock back, in a voyage of rediscovering the maxim ‘old is Gold’, through effective re-make ventures. The strategist and shrewd assessor of film remakes that he is, he has a head start in this arena and has tasted resounding Box-office success.

The following awards were received by Revathy Kalaamandhir

Film Critics Award for Best Popular Movie : Kaashmeeram

Film Critics Award for Best Popular Movie : Neelaththaamara

Kerala State Award for the Best Music Director : M.G.Radhakrishnan

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