T’is is the gift to be simple
T’is is the gift to be free,
T’is the gift to come down,
Where we ought to be…
And when we find ourselves
In the place just right
T’will be in the valley
Of Love and Delight.


Suresh symbolized all that was earthy, simple and cleverly crafted, in three decades of film production, that explored the ”simple joys of life and living”. His themes varied from the subtly humorous to slapstick, from the trivial to the serious, all that life offers, in its vicissitudes. Through a production marathon that ran across varied themes, humour, action,suspense, serious as well as funny family plots, remakes etc, he created a heady mix, providing pure, unalloyed entertainment and joy for the malayali at home as well as the diaspora spread across the world.
His institution building efforts in production has found expression through Bhanumathi films, Sooryodaya creations et al, that culminates in a big-ticket production point in Revathi kalaamandir.
Suresh’s production vignettes, as a true reflection of life, have been boldly experimental, sketched in hues and shades of success and setbacks. The remarkable aspect,though, all throughout his three decade-long innings of film production, an acknowledged tough, high-risk domain to operate in, was the display of poise, composure and an unshakeable faith to back himself up even when things were not working out to his plan and vision. As the saying goes, when the ”going gets tough, the tough get going” and Suresh, with his toughness and resolve, has emerged a clear winner, in that true ”Shaker” spirit.

G.Suresh Kumar is a prominent Malayalam Film Producer, who occupies the centre-stage in contemporary Malayalam film production. He was born in Trivandrum, South India, in the year 1959. His father, Dr.M.Gopinathan Nair is a retired professor(NSS Colleges). His mother is Mrs.M.S.Sarada (home maker). His paternal grandfather was Poovanpillil N.Madhavan Pillai (Retd. Head master of Govt.High School). C.M.Bhanumathi Amma was his father’s mother. His maternal grandfather was G.Sankara Pillai (Govt.Contractor, PWD). K.Meenakshi Amma was his maternal grandmother.

Mr. G.Mohan Kumar IAS(Orissa Cadre), a distinguished bureaucrat, is his brother. Dr.Geetha is the wife of Mohan Kumar. Mr. Mohan Kumar has two daughters, Dr.Aarati Kumar and Archana Kumar.His sister is Mrs.G.Usha, English Professor, NSS College, married to Mr. D.Chandrasenan Nair (former National cricketer), General Manager, Hotel Pankaj, Trivandrum. They have two sons, Sandip Senan & Sachin Senan. Sandip is closely associated with Revathy Kalaamandhir as Executive Producer. Sachin is doing BBA.

G.Suresh Kumar is married to Ms.R.Padmavathy from Chennai .The marriage took place on 30-8-1987. Padmavathy is a classical dancer and a renowned actress. She is known popularly in the tinsel world, by the name ‘Menaka’. Menaka has acted in about 160 films(Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam movies). She is also an accomplished mural painter. Menaka is the daughter of Mr.R.Rajagopalan and Mrs.A.Saroja. Both were teachers. Ms.Menaka has three younger brothers. Her first brother, Mr. R.Anirudh Athreya, is a computer software engineer in U.S.A. He is married to Ms. Moncy Varghese, who is working in U.S.A. They have a child by name A.Nee Harika. Her second brother is Mr. R.Sreerama Sunder Rajan, who also is a computer software engineer, working in U.S.A. He is married to Mrs. Deepa Srinivas and they have 2 children , S.Vishnujith and S. Viswajith. The third brother, Mr.R.Govinda Rajan, a Chartered Accountant. He is married to Ms.Ramapriya who is working in LIC, Chennai. They have one daughter named, G.Vishnu Priya.

G.Suresh Kumar and Menaka have two daughters, Revathy and Keerthi. Revathy, a renowned dancer in her own right, has specialized in animation. Keerthi is pursuing her studies in Fashion Technology.

Suresh Kumar started his school education in the year 1965 at Holy Angels Convent, Vanchiyoor, Trivandrum. He studied there up to 4th Std. He joined the Govt.Model H.S., Thycaud (1969) where he studied from V Std to the 10th Std. He is one among the rare, sterling contributions of Govt Model School to the Indian Film Industry. After leaving school, he joined the Govt. Arts College, Trivandrum, where at the pre-degree level he studied Commerce. He took his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. Even though he joined the Law College for his LLB, he could not complete the course due to his innate fascination that made him embrace the film-world. For him, the call of the tinsel world continues to be irresistible. Life and destiny had other ideas and thus marked out Suresh for a clear role in creative pursuits like film production and for administrative activities in filmdom.

Apart from film production, Suresh Kumar is closely associated with various organizations in the film industry. He was the president of the Kerala Film Producers’ Association for three years. At present, he is the Secretary of the Association. He is also an avid lover of sports, football, cricket etc. At present, he is the Chairman of Kerala State Cultural Welfare Board,set up for the welfare of disadvantaged artistes in the cultural realm,a noble venture which he has undertaken to execute with distinction. Widely travelled, exuberant and optimistic in outlook with a very extensive and varied friends’ circle, his life has been truly fulfilling, with meaningful contributions for the tinsel world. He has visited USA, CANADA, ENGLAND, DUBAI, AUSTRALIA, etc. Check My Reference essay 4 me.