Aaram Thampuran

Aaram Thampuran is an absorbing tale of revenge and romance going hand in hand, shot at major locations of Ottappalam, Varikkasseri mana, Olappamanna mana. The plot unfolds with Jagannathan’s relentless efforts to prove his father’s innocence. A blend of meoldies and rivetting fight sequences provides an engaging fare for the audience. The movie has the record of the most lengthy song in Malayalam movie (Hari muralee ravam). Climax shot with multiple cameras. Saikumar and Narendra Prasad associated with the team for the first time. Shaji Kailas and Ranjith’s debut association with Revathy Kalamandhir commenced. Incidentally,it was also the first movie of Shaji-Renjith combination.

Plot Synopsis

Set against the background of a long-standing feud between two royal houses in northern Kerala, Aaraam Thampuran unfolds the absorbing tale of revenge carried out by Jagan Nathan, the son of a revered Brahmin priest (Brahmadathan Namboodiri) who, falsely accused of pilfering the sacred jewels of the local, temple, killed himself in sheer despair.

Jagan Nathan who had left to North India after the tragic death of his father, returned home after several years. He had had a chequered life while he became involved in all sorts of activities incompatible with his sacred, priestly tradition, he had mastered the art of muic. In his wanderings, he came into contract with a rich young businessman who profited immensely by Jagan Nathan’s loyal services to him. With the financial assistance of his close friend, he became master of Kanimangalam house (which was purchased by his friend), stayed there without revealing his identity in the beginning, became known as “Aaraam Thampuraan” (the sixth in the line of Kanimangalam royalty) and carried out his scheme of revenge, bringing the formidable Appan Namboodiri to his knees, had the annual ceremonies of the temple conducted in all pomp and splendor and won not only the esteem of the local people but also the heart of Unni Maya.Crew

Shaji KailasDirector
Gireesh PuthancheryLyrics
Sandeep SenanExecutive Producer
P SukumarCamera