Its often told that “You can take a man out of his village, but you can’t take the village out of the man”. The movie narrates a similar experience, that confronts Bhaskaran and his overwhelming affection towards his son Kunjunni. It takes time for both to realise their folly, and ultimately, genuine and unconditional love triumphs. Achaneyaanenikkishtam introduces Suresh Krishnan as director. Mohanlal plays a guest appearence. Kalabhavan Mani was lauded by all for his performance in the movie, providing exposure for his budding talent as a singer. The Song “Shalabham Vazhimaaruma” fetched Sri. M G Radhakrishnan the State award for the best Music Director.

Plot Synopsis

Bhaskaran, a widower, was determined to fulfil the last wish of his wife – that their son, Kunjunni should be given the best education to enable him to rise to a high position in life. Himself a poor uneducated lorry driver, Bhaskaran fondly cherished this desire though his financial resources were too meagre to enable him to carry out his wife’s ambitious plan. The boy was a III Std. student of the Govt.Lower Primary School of Ezhimala. Bhaskaran’s inordinate ambition about the future of his son became an obsession that made him look upon the local school and teachers with contempt. He was convinced that this poorly equipped institution was quite unsuitable for his brilliant son. Nothing less than a famous public school would serve the purpose. Therefore, he decided to take his son to Ootty. He sold his house and lorry and went to Ootty where he learned that admission to reputed public schools depend on donation of a huge amount and the recommendation of some prominent person. On the advice of a friend by name Nalinakshan, he resorted to deception for this purpose, posing as a business magnate and succeeded in getting his son admitted to one of the famous public schools in Ootty.

Sita, Kunjunni’s class-teacher, was aware of the truth about the boy’s father – that he was not a business magnate but only a lorry driver. But as she did not wish to embarrass the boy she did not disclose the fact to anyone else. Kunjunni became acquainted with a young millionaire by name Anand. Anand and Sita had been in love with each other, but she had refused to marry him on learning that he had connections with an underworld gang. The dilemma of Kunjunni is depicted in the movie.Crew

Suresh KrishnanDirector
Suresh PothuvalScript
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
S Ramesan NairLyrics
K P NambiathiriCinematographySandeep SenanExecutive Producer