Akkare Ninnoru Maaran

A hilarious plot where the hero Achuthan tries to match his wits with his deceptive uncle, and to win over the heart of his lady love,Nandini. Akkare Ninnoru Maaran is Maniyan Pillai Raju’s second movie as hero. The setting was mostly Thiruvilwamala,Palghat with Cheruthuruthi guest house as base camp, where the team stayed. The team moved about in a truck, in a true shoe-string budget effort at movie-making. The producer himself was behind the wheel of the truck. O.S Girish directed and G S Vijayan assisted, who later went on to direct 2 other movies of Revathy Kalamandhir – Charithram and Cover Story.

Plot Synopsis

Atchuthan, nephew of Thankappan Nair, a rich but vain landowner, was an educated unemployed youth who was in love with Nandini, Thankappan Nair’s only daughter. As his mother had married against the wishes of her brother, Thankappan Nair had vowed to have nothing to do with his sister and her son Atchuthan. When Atchuthan was in need of money to go to the Gulf, he and his mother sought Thankappan Nair’s help, but he flatly refused to help him, callously reminding his sister of her former disobedience. Thankappan Nair was so much enamoured of the glamour of men working in the ‘Gulf’ that he was intent on getting his daughter married to a rich youth employed in the Middle East, but all his negotiations for such an alliance were cleverly foiled by the machinations of his nephew and his unemployed friends.
Atchuthan with his friends hit upon a clever plan to frustrate his uncle’s ambition. With a vengeance, he gave wide publicity to his trip to the Middle East to take up a lucrative appointment. Atchuthan regularly wrote to his uncle to convince him that he was very well off in the ‘Gulf’ and that he had no grudge against his dear uncle. But soon complications set in with the discovery of the trick played by Atchuthan, his uncle’s design to outwit him and Atchuthan’s efforts to meet his uncle’s challenge. The comic situations that arose from the intrigues of these two led to a hilarious climax with the ringing of wedding bells and the reconciliation of uncle and nephew.Crew

O S GireeshDirector
Kannoor RajanMusic
N GopalakrishnanEditor