Ayalvasi Oru Daridravasi

A long-cherished dream for Suresh came true in this movie,through his efforts to involve Prem Nazir, the evergreen hero of Malayalam movies yesteryears. The titan of the yesteryears thus shares the stage with the leading lights of the new generation, like Shankar, Menaka, Mukesh, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Sukumari etc. Thus, Prem Nazir’s transition from an evergreen hero to elderly roles makes the movie significant. Maniyan Pillai Raju associated for the first time. The cast of the movie brings out Suresh’s efforts to make the old-schoolboy network flourish and render more talents.

Plot Synopsis

Adithya Varma, his wife Subhadra and daughter Kaveri live in the same compound where Sasi and his wife Parvathy lives. Sasi and Parvathi go to the office along with Varma. Kuttan Pillai, a gossip manager, does not like their relationship. He tries to drive a wedge between Varma and Sasi families. Varma asks his advocate to look for a man for his company. Advocate recommends Jayan, son of his friend for the job. Jayan is appointed in the company. Kuttan Pillai tells Varma’s wife that it was not fair for Varma to go with Sasi and Parvathi. One day Parvathi come late from the office. A quarrel takes place between her and her husband on this account.

Parvathi leaves home. Varma’s wife picks a quarrel with him when she sees him coming out from Parvathi’s house. Sasi’s brother desires to marry Kaveri. Balu who comes to know that the two families are drifting apart tries for a settlement. Kuttan Pillai’s son cheats his father and leave home with some cash. Kuttan Pillai spreads the news that his son Vidyadharan left home with Kaveri. The police inspector Paramasivan searches for them. It however turned out that Vidyadharan married the servant and not Kaveri. Then Balu marries Kaveri. Varma who come to know about this, feels disillusioned and tries to live in rapport with Sasi’s family. Kuttan Pillai is arrested by the police and taken to the station.

PriyadarsanStory, Direction
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
Chunakkara RamankuttiLyrics
S KumarCinematographer
K RadhakrishnanProduction Executive