Butterflies was the first movie to come out of the Revathy Kalamandhir banner. This is the only Revathy Kalamandhir Movie in which K P Ummar has acted. Incidentally, its also the first malayalam movie of yesteryear actress Lakshmi’s daughter – Aiswarya. This marks Rajeev Anchal’s debut as a director.The feet-tapping numbers scored by Ravindran Master remain forever etched in Malayali minds. K Jayakumar – a distinguished bureaucrat asociated as Lyricist, for the first time. Shot in Bangalore, this movie is a complete Family Entertainer.

Plot Synopsis

Bharathan Menon couple has 5 children. The eldest one is collector, the next one is a businessman and Prince, the third one is in the team of car race in Bangalore. Sadasivan compels Prince to abduct Anju, the lover of Pavithran. Prince, Sadasivan and Pavithran head for the mission. They do their mission. Pavithran is forced to breathe chlorophom.

When he regains consciousness, he finds that the girl they abducted is not his real lover. The trio go to the park with Anju and she is made to sit there. When Anju goes to her hostel she is not allowed to enter the hostel. She returns to Prince’s house. The servants mistake her to be Shalumol. But his parents turn her out of the house. Prince takes her back home. He tells a lie that Anju is the daughter of a hapless man convicted for death. A mercy petition is drafted and submitted to the President. On the fateful day of the sentence, Anju disappears from Prince’s house, leaving a letter. Prince with his friend Sadasivan go in search of Anju. Prince has a fight with goons. Prince finds Anju and tells her that the death penalty has been awarded. Anju and Prince visit the prison to meet Col. Father. Thereafter Prince and Anju lead a peaceful married life.

Rajiv AnchalDirector
A K SajanStory

K JayakumarLyrics
N GopalakrishnanEditor
Kalliyoor SasiProduction Executive