Coolie is the debut venture that reached the theatres.Shot in major locales in Chalai, Thiruvananthapuram. Suresh found an angel investor,a friend,guide and philosopher of sorts in Sri Thiruvengada Muthalali,at whose instance,he proceeded to the site of Chambal Kaadu,at Ponmudi.The plot for Coolie emerged there,in the presence of Mammotty, Ratheesh,and Priyadarshan of course. The story revolves around Headload workers in a market, and there day to day works, and how a strike affects the quilibrium of their lives.

Plot Synopsis
Sethu, Kunjali and Gopalan are the loading workers in the market. Madhu is the police inspector of the station under whose jurisdiction in the market. Kunhali was brought up by Madhu’s father and they are like brothers. Mother of Sethu comes to know that Madhu is a loading worker in the market.

A strike has started against Sekharan Muthalali. He is a wholesale dealer in the market. His son is Shaji and daughter is Letha. The strike truns a little violent. The leader is Vikraman. The lorry driver is stabbed. Kunhali is implicated Vikram approaches Sekharan Muthalali. He was not there. Vikraman ries to molest Lekha. Lekha extricates herself and reaches Sethu’s house. Vikraman and his men attack Sethu. Shaji comes close to Shanthi. Seedevi confides to Kunhali about the relationship. SI Madhu arrests Kunhali. Kunhali escapes from Madhu and reaches Sekharan Muthalali’s house and asks him to arrange the marriage of Shaji and Shanthi. Sekharan objects to this idea. Shaji comes to Kunhali and informs his willingness to marry Shanthi. Shanthi is abducted by the goonds of Sekharan Muthalali. Sethu, Kunhali and others go in search of Shanthi. They are followed by the police party. In a fight, Sekharan stabbed Kunhali. Sekharan is arrested. Kunhali before breathing his last, hands over Santhi to Shaji. Kunjali dies.

Asok KumarDirector
N GopalakrishnanEditor
KrishnakumarAssistant Director