Kashmeeram highlights the life and times of a commando in scenes of war and peace. The movie is replete with non stop action and thrills. Directed by Rajiv Anchal, it received lot of critical acclaim, although it did not perform well in the box office. It was shot in wagamon. Suresh Gopi plays a decoy’s role. True to life, the commando has to place duty before self and moves on to his next assignment without waiting for farewells and accolades. In blend with the mood, the sog “Poru nee vaarilam chandralekhe” was shot in the backdrop of Taj Mahal-a tear drop in the face of eternity.

Plot Synopsis

Justice Usha Verma’s life was seriously threatened by Kashmiri terrorists who demanded the release of Jugu Pande awaiting trial in prison. Her son on his way to Rajasthan for higher study and research, was killed in an explosion cleverly manipulated by the terrorists. The Government was alarmed but kept the matter a closely guarded secret, and had to provide special security for Mrs.Verma, who, undaunted by repeated threats, sentenced Jugu Pande to death.

The ‘Black Cats’ assigned to the household of the judge took up their work in all earnestness under the captaincy of the indomitable commando, Shyam Mohan, despite the protests of Mrs. Verma and her daughter, Manasi, to whom even the presence of Shyam in their household was a nuisance.One day Shyam inadvertently gunned down Manasi’s lover and he was grossly misunderstood by the Vermas. Soon the terrorists succeeded in kidnapping Manasi who was held as a hostage in their camp so that they could force the government to release Pande. The Government had to yield to their demand, but at the eleventh hour, at the place where the exchange of prisoners took place, Shyam cleverly liberated the girl from the terrorists.

Having discharged his duty conscientiously and efficiently, Shyam left the place with a sense of fulfillment, without even giving the Varmas an opportunity to thank him – to take up his next assignment as aide-de-camp to the Governor of Kashmir.


Rajiv AnchalDirector
A K SajanStory
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
Gireesh PuthancheryLyrics
N GopalakrishnanEditor
Sandeep SenanExecutive Producer