Katha is a Sunder Dass Directorial, Starring Prithviraj, Kavya Madhavan and Abbas. The movie features Nandu(Prithviraj) portraying the frustrations of a jobless youth and a jilted lover. Famous tamil actor Abbas plays a meaty character in the movie, as the fiancee of Meera (Kavya Madhavan). The location was Kunnamkulam in Trichur district. The song “Mazhayulla rathriyil” composed by Mr. Ouseppachan topped the charts for a long time after its release.

Plot Synopsis

Nandu is the son of Madhava Menon who is a very rich man. Due to illegal actions, Menon kicked Nandu out of the house. Meera, Madhava Menon’s friend’s daughter came to the house and Menon allowed her to stay in his house. Meera and Nandu became good friends. One day Gowtham reached the house to see Meera. There arise some quarrel between Nandu and Gowtham, in the name of Meera. Meera’s father reached house in order to fix the marriage of Meera. Menon and Meera’s father quarreled in the topic that Meera should marry Gowtham. Meera opened her mind to her father that she loved Nandu very much and she wishes to marry Nandu. On hearing the news that Nandu decided to marry Meera, Gowtham reached there and requested Nandu to allow him to marry Meera. But Nandu did not turned his mind. Meera was found missing one day and police arrested Nandu and friends in this case. At last Meera reached there with the Panchayat President. Meera’s father allowed Meera to marry Nandu. Gowthan returned to his native place.


Sunder DassDirector