Kuberan is a laugh riot, and was shot simultaneously with Shivam. The movie revolves around the escapades of Sidharthan, who takes care of 3 orphan children on the arrival of their neighbouring bungalow’s heiress, and her mysterious past. Ooty was the primary location. This was Dileep’s first association with Revathy Kalamandhir as an actor. His previous association with Revathy Kalamandhir was in the Movie Vishnulokam as Assistant Director. Dileep’s still life portrayal of Swami Vivekananda, Akbar et al provides truly side-splitting scenes.

Plot Synopsis

Abdu and Kunjunju are servants of a bungalow in Kudaku. Sidharthan is running a farm there. He is also doing comic characters in the market. Sidharthan is in love with Gowri. He is living with three orphan children. Every month, Sidharthan and the children lived in the bungalow for one day like a millionaire after earning money. One day Pooja, the owner of the bungalow came there and ousted Sidharthan and others. Pooja’s mother got the news from the doctor, Vasan, that Pooja is in the bungalow. They came there to see Pooja. Pooja said that Sidharthan is her busband.

The doctor told about Sidharthan and the children. When she heard all the things, she fell in love with Sidharthan. One day, Sanjay and another goonda came there. They tortured Sidharthan. Pooja told Sidharthan that Sanjay is her husband and he is a drug addict. Sanjay tried to kill Sidharthan. But Gowri’s father Dopanna killed Sanjay and he was arrested. Pooja decided to go back to her home. Seeing the intensity of love between Sidharthan and Gowri, Pooja decided to arrange the marriage of them. She gave Sidharthan the bungalow and asked them to live happily.


Sunder DassDirector
Mohan SitharaMusic
Gireesh PuthancheryLyrics