Mahasamudram tells the story of love and hate in the backdrop of ocean and football. The movie features Mohanlal and Tamil actress Laila in the leads. The then India football team captain I M Vijayan plays a cameo as himself in the movie.

Plot Synopsis

Puthenkarai and Mattakarai were two contiguous hamlets on the sea shore. The inhabitants of these hamlets had been traditional rivals in all matters, in fishing and in their favourite game football. Jealous of each other, they had always maintained an attitude of hostility towards each other. Puthenkarai had very often had the upper hand.
Isahac was the captain of the Beach XI, team of Puthenkarai. He was introduced to us in the beginning of the film in his capacity as captain of the Football team engaged in a keenly contested match against the Mattakari Seven Star Team led by Rajan. Isahac was by profession a fisherman, but the other members of the team belonged to different social strata and were of different age groups. Rarichan who ran the local toddy shop, Hamsa, a thief whose activities extended over the whole state and Thampi a college student were prominent among them. Fr.Innachan of Puthenkarai church was the manager of the Beach XI team, while Unni Pillai was their patron.
In the match, Beach XI was victorious. The rival team was embittered by the defeat. Rajan, the captain of the Seven Star and his father, Nagappan had some personal grudge against Isahac. Velankanni who was a bit mentally imbalanced was Isahac’c father. Isahac’s wife was arrested on the very first night of his marriage and had been in prison for 6 years during which she was consistently denied parole. Sebastian, the political big-wig who represented the Puthenkarai constituency was a minister but he refused to intervene on her behalf in spite of repeated appeals made by his close friends like Fr.Innachan and Unni Pillai. The minister’s only son, Justin, a drug addict and inveterate womanizer had always been a thorn in his flesh. Justin treated even his mother, Mary, cruelly. Sebastian found it difficult to control him and when he realized he could no longer tolerate him, he determined to do away with him. Very soon, the sin he once committed began to prey on his conscience and he approached Fr.Innachan to unburden himself by a confession, but the priest did not take him seriously.
The film which began with a keenly contested football match reached its climax with the two traditional rivals locked, as though, in mortal combat. In the course of this thrilling match, Isahac succeeded in carrying out his plan of saving his father and crushing all his antagonists.


Dr. S JanardhananDirector
M JayachandranMusic
Hari ThirumalaStills