Odaruthammava Aalariyam

Odaruthammava Aalariyaam is yet another slapstick blast from revathy Kalamandhir. Merryland was initially chosen for shooting, but then Suresh, steadfastly chose to get things done locally, in Kerala in this movie.

Jagadeesh is playing a full-length role in this movie. Suresh introduced G Venugopal as a playback singer and was instrumental in launching an illustrious career that became a golden voice in malayalam movies. The discerning Malayali filmgoer will find the enriching flavour of malayali talent, be it technicians, recording specialists, sound engineers etc. Re-recording was carried out in Chitranjali, truly desi style!

Plot Synopsis

Retired Major lives along with his wife, Saraswathy, daughter Minu, brother-in-law and wresler Vasu Pillai and father. Next door live Prem, Kiran, Gopan and Bhaktavalsalan. They are regular customers in the shop of Pachu Pillai. One day retired Major sees a girl Sunitha being teased at the bus stand. He tries to give her a lift. A scuffle arose between Major and Prem and his company. After that a compromise is reached. The trio (Prem, Kiran and Gopan) loves Minu. The came to know that Minu is the daughter of major. They plan to impress Major.

Kiran goes to Major’s home under the pretext of having a showdown with Pachu Pillai, the wrestler. Gopan goes to Major’s home as a servant. Saraswathy allows him as servant regardless of Major’s opposition. After a few days, Saraswathy turns away Gopan from the house. Kiran was beaten and sent out of the house for calling their names. Prem prepares for a marriage with Minu which the other two together prevent. Major tells the truth to Minu and Prem. Minu refuses to marry Prem for trying to cheat her. In the mean time, Major’s nephew with the help of his felon friends kidnaps Minu. She is rescued by Major with help of the trio. The disillusioned Minu agrees to marry Premand. Soon they get married.

PriyadarshanStory, Direction
Sibi MalayilAssociate Director
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
S KumarCinematography
K RadhakrishnanProduction Executive