A suspense thriller,with Sreenivasan portraying the lead role. Sreenivasan plays the role of a cartoonist, who creats the fictional character “Poompatta Princess”, deriving inspiration from his daughter. Life becomes a roller-coaster ride for Sachi when his daughter goes missing, following an advertisement shooting. Veteran Tamil Actor Nasser plays a stellar role as the investigating officer. Lal associated for the first time and scenes were shot at Pollachi.

Plot Synopsis

The film tells the story of Sachchidanandan (Sreenivasan), a renowned cartoonist who is much popular as the creator of ‘Poompatta Princess’, a very popular cartoon character in a children’s magazine. Sachchi leads a peaceful life with his wife Anu (Padmapriya) an accountant who is much obsessed with their 7 year old daughter’s studies. Their daughter Sneha, who is the cynosure of all eyes and attracts attention wherever she goes, is also the inspiration behind the creation of the cartoon character ‘Poompatta’.

Following a dance performance in her school anniversary, Teny, an Advertisement film maker happens to notice Sneha and invites her to play the lead in his new advertisement film which is to be shot in Chennai. Sneha accepts the offer gracefully and seems enjoying and easy going like a professional actress in the entire sets, sometimes fooling around her father who is also accompanying the child.After a couple of days, the shoot crew makes a shift to Pollachi. But on the way to the new location, the entire shooting crew finds the child virtually vanished into thin air, that too on the highways from a speeding bus! Sachchidanandan, shocked at missing his daughter, tries ways to find her, but with little clues to the happening.
The drama at the highways takes a curious turn when C I Venkitachal Aiyer (Nazar) reaches the scene to investigate the case. After an interesting investigation session, he claims that Sneha is not the daughter of Sachchidanandan.C I Venkiti,s shocking discover forces Sachchidanandan to narrate the story of the child and how she had reached his hands.


Leo ThaddeusStory, Direction
Alphonse JosephMusic
Vayalar Sarathchandra VarmaLyrics
Ranjan AbrahamEditor