Pilots is a movie full of non stop action and thrills. Directed by Rajiv Anchal, it received lot of critical acclaim, although it did not perform well in the box office. It was shot in wagamon.

Plot Synopsis
The heroine who arrived in Bombay(Mumbai) for higher study had a nice time in the joyous company of friends – dancing, singing and performing on the stage – part of her education. She was looked after by her brother, but she stayed in a hostel. She was unaware of her brother’s Mafia connections. He had fallen out with the gang and planned to betray its leader – a hardened criminal, wanted by the police. The heroine’s brother sought the help of the hero (a helicopter pilot) in carrying out his scheme against the gang leader, but he did not tell him anything about his sister. The mafia gang killed him. The heroine believed that the hero who accidentally arrived on the scene of murder was responsible for the death of her brother. She sought refuge in a convent in the city. But pursued by the mafia gang, she left Bombay and reached Kerala where she stayed incognito in a Convent in the High Ranges.

Before her brother died, he had entrusted the pilot with the duty of protecting her. But the pilot knew nothing about her whereabouts, and surprisingly, he found himself involved in the murder of her brother through her false accusation. However, he was bailed out by his uncle – a Minister in the Central Government – and came back to join duty as pilot.

The pilot and his friend(co-pilot) came to Kerala to carry out the work of aerial spraying of pesticide in the rubber estates of the High Ranges. By chance, he met the heroine at the Convent, but she refused to reveal her identity.The Mafia gang also reached the High Ranges in their pursuit of the heroine. It was the pilot who saved her from them – in a series of thrilling adventures. His actions served to remove the scales from her eyes and gradually she was drawn towards him. They decided to get married, and the helicopter took off with them on their flight to Bombay.

Rajiv AnchalStory, Direction
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
Gireesh PuthancheryLyrics
Sandeep SenanExecutive Producer
Kalliyoor SasiProduction Executive