Poochakkoru Mookuthi

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdmnxaSg3D0Poochakkoru Mookuthi is the 2nd movie from the production house, released in 1984. It is also Priyadarsan’s first movie as Director. Against tremendous odds from influence groups, Suresh reposed full faith in Priyan’s potential as Director and was instrumental in the launching of a spectacular Director’s career. Priyadarshan’s debut as Director was financed by the affable Sri Thiruvengada Muthalali who, as angel investor,financed the movie and backed the youngsters instinctively.

Poochakkoru Mookuthi was incidentally,the first censored movie under Censor Board of Film Certification in their Trivandrum Office. Suresh associates with his lifepartner Menaka ,in the character named Revathi. Shot in Trivandrum Chitranjali studio, Magnetic tape of superior viewing quality was introduced as a technical first in this movie, a unique distinction

Plot Synopsis
Two young men – Harikrishnan and his friend Gopalakrishnan, both desirous of improving their financial status – started the intrigue; while the former woos the daughter of the well-to-do coconut dealer Govinda Pillai (nick name Thenga Govinda Pillai) to achieve this end, the latter stole a substantial amount from his stingy father (Sankaran kutty, legal advisor to Mr.Ramunni Menon) to start business. Harikrishnan pretended to be the son of a well known wealthy business man by name Ramunni Menon, to impress Thenga Govinda Pillai. In fact, by bribing Mr.Menon’s steward, he was able to stay at the palatial mansion of Mr.Menon, who being a person of simple tastes, lived in the country and seldom cares to come to the city. Thenga Govinda Pillai readily agreed to give his daughter in marriage to Harikrishnan. Their engagement was conducted in haste and they hoped to get Mr.Menon’s consent later. But unexpectedly, Mr.Menon and his wife, Revathy, came to the city and Hari had to beat a hasty retreat and go into hiding in a hotel. Ramunni Menon was a lover of the country and of classical music, but his wife, Revathy, took to the sophisticated ways of high society; to the embarrassment of her simple husband, she assumed snobbish sirs, began to practice Western dance and pretended to enjoy Western music.

Gopalakrishnan who also looked forward to marrying a fortune, happened to meet the girl Revathy (Mrs.Menon’s Namesake) at Menon’s house where she had come seeking employment in one of the well known ‘Revathy’ concerns owned by Mr.Menon. Gopalakrishnan thought she was Mr.Menon’s daughter. But Revathy in fact, had run away from home and came to the city to escape getting married to her cousin who was an idiot. Later she walked into the newly opened shop of Gopalakrishnan and believing that she was Mr.Menon’s daughter, he agreed to appoint her as his secretary, when he learned that she was seeking employment. He thought that the millionaire’s daughter was badly in need of a pastime. Soon he began to court her though her attitude was one of polite indifference. One day he dropped her at Menon’s house and in order to keep up the pretence that she was Mr.Menon’s daughter, Revathy went in. Her movements in the premises arouse Mrs.Menon’s suspicion, while the presence of Gopalakrishnan in the vicinity awoke Mr.Menon’s suspicions regarding his intentions. Later other circumstances of this kind tend to heighten the suspicions of both Mr. Menon and his wife and they began to view each other with jealous suspicion.The girl Revathy stayed at a house whose owner rented rooms only to married couples. She had to pretend to be the wife of Syam, a person she met on the day of her arrival in the city. Though their first meeting was rather unpleasant, she was forced by necessity to assume this role. Syam had come to the city in search of excitement – an escape from the drab life in his own home. Though he belonged to a well-to-do family, he found excitement in going about singing and earning money. He fell in love with Revathy, but she was too slow to respond. He therefore tried to arouse her jealousy by making passes at his landlord’s buxom young wife who readily responded and to his embarrassment later even suggested an elopement. Syam found himself pitted in rivalry against Gopalakrishnan who, as already mentioned, was suspected by Mr.Menon to be his wife’s lover.

To complicate matters, the girl’s idiot cousin, intent on marrying her, pursued her to the city. However, on being intimidated by Syam, he went into hiding in the very hotel where Harikrishnan had sought shelter. A crisis was soon reached when Thenga Govinda Pillai met Mr.Menon to finalise the arrangements for the marriage of his daughter to Mr.Menon’s son. Mr.Menon was taken a back and there ensued an altercation. Govinda Pillai left in a huff threatening vengeance. The crisis was rendered more serious when Mr.Menon received a letter from Gopalakrishnan seeking Revathy’s hand in marriage.

All these complications led to an exciting climax and the comedy ended happily with the ringing of wedding bells for Syam and Revathy, Harikrishnan and his beloved. While the Menon’s quietly retire to the country, Revathy’s idiot cousin, branded as a mad man was hounded out of the city.

PriyadarsanStory, Direction
Sibi MalayilAssociate Director
KrishnakumarAssistant Director
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
Chunakkara RamankuttiLyrics
S KumarCinematographer