Rakkuyilin Ragasadassil

www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7ca5pfWVgARAAKUYILIN RAJASADASSIL falls into the musical drama genre,in which Adoor bhasi, the thespian comedian of yester-years along with Suhasini, acted. The plot brings out the professional rivalry between husband and wife, that tips the scale of family relations. However, everything is forgiven and forgotten with their child’s emergence as a competant artist. Anu Anand, achild artiste was introduced by Suresh in this movie. It marked remarkable debuts for Arundathi, the noted playback singer and Sreekumar(Konniyoor Narendranth’s son) behind the camera for whom it marked a memorable debut.

Plot Synopsis
‘RAAKKUYILIN RAAGASADASSIL’ deals with the conflict between Viswanathan and his wife, Janani. Viswanathan was a highly talented musician who later became very famous, while Janani’s interest was in dancing. Her father, Ragam Vaidyanatha, who was Principal of the Music Academy, had very high ambitions about his daughter; he wished she should achieve the highest award for dancing – Natyasree. He took it as the mission of his life to do everything he could to attain this end. In fact, he was more ambitious in this regard than Janani herself; it was his ruling passion.

Both Viswanathan and Janani were students at the music academy of which Ragam Vaidyanathan was the Principal. Viswanathan fell in love with her, but all his advances were spurned by her. Nevertheless, he went on wooing her and by sheer persistence won her hand, in spite of the stiff opposition of her father who not only disliked him but also treated him with contempt.

Their married life was by no means smooth. Viswanathan was an egotist who did not want his wife to appear on public platforms, and Janani was by no means a submissive wife. He became more and more famous but he forbids her to practice the art of dancing. Her father, however, was single minded and insisted that she should go on practicing to attain perfection. Janani found herself in a highly embarrassing position; she realized that she couldnot be faithful to her husband and her father at the same time. To make matters worse, her father used every opportunity to disparage and insulted his son-in-law.One day on a visit by Ragam Vaidyanathan to their house, Viswanathan had a bitter altercation with him and he ordered his father-in-law to go out of the house and warned him against further visits. On his departure, Janani rebelled openly, and the next day, Viswanathan quietly left the house with their little son.

Ragam Vaidyanathan was not at all perturbed by the crisis in his daughter’s married life. He took her to his palatial residence and provided every facility for practicing her art. Meanwhile, Viswanathan stayed with one of his close friends and brought up his son. He gave music lessons to his son who bid fair to be a great musician. Even as a boy of nine he displayed wonderful musical talent. Viswanathan, however, had withdrawn from all public performance and in moments of depression drank heavily. Viswanathan learned that Janani would soon appear for the public performance that would confer ‘Natyasree’ on her. Determined to frustrate her ambition, he came to stay in the neighbourhood of her residence. His nine year old son accidentally met Janani and from her conversation with the boy she found out that he was her own son. She no longer cared for ‘Natyasree’. Her father, however, was as determined as ever; he would tolerate nothing that would upset his plans. He even drove away the little boy who came to meet Janani. He feared that Viswanathan’s presence in the locality would affect his daughter’s prospects. Viswanathan, however, was equally determined to frustrate his father-in-law’s efforts. He cruelly insults his father-in-law who came to plead with him. Janani who also met him found that Viswanathan was vindictive. She was prepared to do anything to get back her son. But Viswanathan turned a deaf ear to all her entreaties. He challenged her to dance to his music at the ensuing crucial dance performance that would bring the highest honour to her. He knew that she would never succeed if she were set to dance to his music. He promised to give her son back it she could do this. Janani accepted the challenge.

At the public performance she was astounded to find that she was to dance to her son’s music, not to her husband’s. The little prodigy’s virtuosity was too much for the mother; she realized that her performance was quite unimpressive while the audience was electrified by the wonderful performance of the little boy who was now loudly acclaimed by the audience and even honoured by his grand father. Viswanathan had made the boy an instrument of revenge. This was too much for the mother in Janani, who now hugged her son in an ecstasy of emotion and fell at the feet of her husband.Crew

PriyadarsanStory, Direction
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
S Ramesan NairLyrics
N GopalakrishnanCinematographer