“Seethakalyanam” depicts a few major incidents which dramatically alter the course of Ram’s life prior to his marriage, amidst the pomp and show of the ritual-heavy brahmin wedding. It marks Srinivas’ debut as Music composer. Academy award winning musician A R Rahman launched the music of the movie. Seethakalyanam is Jyothika’s only malayalam movie to date. This is also one of the last movies of veteran character artist Oduvil Unnikrishnan.

Plot Synopsis
Ram was a bright professional hailing from an extremely orthodox Brahmin family in the State of Kerala. “Seethakalyanam” depicts a few major incidents which dramatically alter the course of Ram’s life to something which, surprisingly, appears to be predestined.

One day, Ram’s mother sends him the photograph of a girl whom he is proposed. Ram leaves for home to finalise the marriage. On his invitation, his friends from Canada arrive a week earlier to witness the Brahmin marriage ritual, which is a seven-day long extravaganza.

Geetha, who has never even worn a traditional Indian dress is enchanted by the colourful ceremonies and gets so excited that she starts dressing up and involving in the rituals as if she were one of the members of the family. But, as if by a mischievous hand of destiny, the culmination of many rituals accidentally establish a bond, not between Ram and the bride, Jaya, instead between Ram and Geetha, who is totally engrossed in the proceedings. These bizarre developments occur day after day strengthening a strange relationship between the two. By the penultimate day, Ram and Geetha feel that they are inseparable. It is as if the rituals blew the lid off the keg of love and feelings they had unknowingly nurtured for each other.Crew

T K Rajeev KumarStory, Direction
BR PrasadLyrics
Sreekar PrasadEditor
Sandeep SenanExecutive Producer