Shivam is a Police thriller, with Biju Menon in the lead, and Shaji Kailas comes back to associate with Revathy Kalamandhir. The theme involves administration of Vigilante justice with the hero taking law into his own hands and bcoming an anti-hero in the process. The movie fetched Biju Menon an Action hero image. Kannada Actress Nandini played the female lead, as the wife of the protagonist, who is a homeo doctor herself. The primary location is Guruvayoor.

Plot Synopsis
Pazhanivel from Karnataka reaches Kerala looking for the liquor baron Devarajan. He threatens Devarajan. Devarajan with the help of younger brother Asokan murders Pazhanivel. In connivance with the SI, exicse Inspector Mani and SP declare it as a suicide. The Chief Minister and Excise Minister Iqbal could not swallow this report. Devarajan promises Oommen Koshy to make him the next Chief Minsiter. They insult the new SI Bhadran and his family. Bhadran had a quarrel with autorickshaw drivers. They are brought to the police station. SI Eapen tries to beat Bhadran not knowing that he was the new CI. Devarajan, the liquor tycoon tries to grab the property of Padmanabha mash. Mash files a complaint with the police. They conduct enquiry. Sukumaran Nair in charge of the enquiry and he reports to CI what is the fact behind the complaint. Sukumaran is killed by Devarajan’s hirelings.

The police highed ups threaten Bhadran to withdraw from the case. Bhadran gets the help of Sudhakaran MP and promises to defeat Devarajan and Koshy. Sukumar’s son complained that Sukumaran was murdered by Devarajan’s men. CI Bhadran arrests Devarajan and Asokan. After planting some wads of counterfeit currencies is the house of Yesodharan, a search is conducted and Yesodharan is trapped. CI requests him to return Master’s property. Yesodharan does it. The goons raids Devarajan’s house. Devarajan with the help of a constable Rasheed captures them. Knewing that behind this drama are Devarajan and Asokan, Bhadran plans to nab them. One of the goons in custody was murdered and the body is thrown to the Judge’s chamber. Bhadran’s is in defence and he is suspended from service. Bhadran’s family is placed in a secret camp. Devarajan’s goons reach there also. Bhadran’s daughter dies. Bhadran’s father pleads with the goons not to harm Bhadran. Father is murdered. Bhadran escapes from custody of police. Bhadran reaches the place where Devarajan was conducting a grand pooja to invoke the gods to make him the Excise Minister. Bhadran cuts away the hands and legs of Devarajan and leaves them to live the rest of life worse than death.Crew

Shaji KailasDirector
B UnnikrishnanStory
Sandeep SenanExecutive Producer