Thakshashila is an action thriller, in which Sreekuttan and Rajeev Anchal worked as double unit. Risky trekking and mountaneering scenes adds to the thrills and frills of the movie. Shot in scenic Kulu Manali, Delhi and Ooty along with Salem-where the climax was shot. K Jayakumar IAS associated as Lyricist.

Plot Synopsis
Goutham Krishna (Sursh Gopi) was the member of a mountain climbing rescue team. One of his operations became a big conflict with the Police Department. IG of police (M.G.Soman) and some other officers had connection with a drug mafia. Due to Goutham krishna’s truthful operation the mafia lost cores of rupees. His Sister Ganaga (Santhi Krishna) was working in the Customs Department at the same place. Mr. Prince (Ratheesh) was a mafia king and a political king maker.He sought a help from Goutham Krishna. One day one of his flight crashed in the mountains and Prince wanted the records which were been in the craft. He wanted Goutham to get those records for him. Goutham refused the task, but the mafia tricked him and made him to take those records from the flight.

Goutham started his trekking and after a long time he got the records from the flight. But he found out that records were very valuable secrets of his motherland. He handed over all the records to the higher authorities and later Prince was arrested. After that Goutham was under the surveillance of the Mafia group and they took their revenge. The police arrested Gotham Krishna in the name of a fake case made by the influence by Prince. In the commotion Ganga was killed by the mafia group. And atlast Goutham escaped from the prison and killed the mafia king and his group in an intense battle.Crew

K SrikuttanDirector
A K SajanStory
M G RadhakrishnanMusic
K JayakumarLyrics
Kalliyoor SasiProduction Executive