Priyan’s malayalam foray after a long gap. A Full time comedy, it revolves around a small time thief who wants to make it big through a stolen necklace.Dileep plays a friendly rogue, who is on a wild goose chase to retain the necklace that he stole from an exhibition. The song ‘Makkasayi’ was penned and sung by Nadir Shah, and the remaining by Beeyar Prassad. A comedy of errors, which is cleverly crafted within the confines of a hotel, where a pompous marriage is about to take place, providing non stop laughter. Shot in Ooty and Trivandrum.

Plot Synopsis
Veena loves her classmate Felix. Veena is the daughter of vocalist Ramanathan of Palakkad. She leaves her house with Felix. Ramanathan gives a cheque for Rs. 30 lakh to Veena. Felix goes to Bangalore. Veena on getting a hint of this, goes to Bangalore. Dileep who accompanies Veena places an idol stealthy in Veena’s bag. Veena’s bas is stolen. Both Veena and Dileep who saved his son. Nandu who had stolen Veena’s bag is found out. Nandu who had stolen Veena’s bag is found out. Dileep comes to know about the marriage of Veena’s farmer lover. Veena is brought to the scene and gives the garland and leaves. Veena faints seeing the scenes of her lover’s marriage ceremony.

On regaining consciousness she tries to commit suicide. In the ensuing quarrel between the bride’s and bridegroom’s family, the marriage is stalled. Dileep gives his gold chain for giving away in sale. SP apprehends Veena. Veena gives the chain to the SP and the SP allows her to cash the cheque for Rs. 30 lakhs. She hands over the money to Dileep as being the sale proceeds of the chain. Veena returns to her place of home. Dileep comes to know about the real fact from the SP. He follows Veena to the native place with the intention of marrying Veena who he believes, saved his life.Crew


Berny IgnatiusMusic
BR PrasadLyrics
Sabu CyrilArt Director
N GopalakrishnanEditor