The nomadic circus life and the Cycle yajnam, a popular entertainment form of yesteryears forms the central threadline of the movie. Balan K Nair and Urvasi make memorable appearnces in this movie shot in and around Malampuzha, Palakkad. Dileep’s entry into the Mollywood as Asst Director was through this movie. Shanti Krishna associated for the first time. Songs like “Kasthuri ente Kasthuri”, composed by Ravindran master, will remain in the Malayali Music Lovers’ minds forever.Actor Murali plays a strong character with Gray shades.

Plot Synopsis
Tharakan, Bheemrajan, Kumari Kasthuri and Govindan Asan reached the village as part of the circus. Sankunni also reached there. Sankunni saw Savithrikutty. Prathapa Varma has an eye on Savithrikutty. Sankunni asked Savithrikutty not to surrender before Prathapa Varma. He asked Savithri to come along with him. But Savithri did not agree with this. Prathapa Varma’s people beat Govindan Asan and others. Govindan Asan and others decided to go to some other place. Sankunni saw Savithri Kutty and asked her to come along with him to some other place. Prathapa Varma’s people beat Sankunni and kidnapped Savithrikutty. Sankunni reached Prathapa Varma’s house and tried to kill Prathapa Varma. At last he took Savithri Kutty along with him.Crew

T A RazzaqStory
Lal JoseAssociate Director
DileepAssociate Director